17864As experts in the field of heating, we provide a full range of services, from repairs and servicing, through to supply and installation of new systems.  Our team have experience with both oil and gas systems, and we only use the best quality suppliers.

Samborek’s are approved installers of Grant UK oil-fired boilers, and Worcester-Bosch gas-fired and oil-fired boilers.  If you are confused with which type of gas-fired boiler to choose, Worcester-Bosch explain the different types here.

Best of all, come and speak to us and we can help you decide which boiler will best meet your requirements!

Central Heating

All our central heating systems come with a room thermostat, 7-day programmer, cylinder thermostat and thermostatic valves on each radiator.  This means you have full control of the system, so no wasteful heat loss!

If fitting a new boiler to an existing system we would recommend a Power Flush of the system.  This removes sludge from the radiators and pipes, which would otherwise reduce the efficiency of the boiler.  It also increases the life of the whole system, and reduces the risk of heating failure.

Underfloor Heating

If you are planning a new build or renovating your house, then consider installing underfloor heating.  With no radiators on the walls you have complete freedom for furniture layout, plus toasty warm feet all year round!

We are approved installers for Rehau and Begetube underfloor heating systems.

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